A Declaration of our Dependence

I’ve never been a big fan of birthdays, even if it’s celebrating the day our country was “born”. National holidays are great times to reconnect with friends and family, relax and restore some perspective. But to blindly cheer on a country

To Create and to Care

As any loving parent will attest, nothing really comes close to the birth of a child. More memorable than that first date, the engagement, the wedding or the honeymoon. To create a new life from a partnership born in love, is

The way of the world

A very good friend and business associate sent me an email recently during a bad experience where I began to question something as important as anything in ones life….Purpose. I’m usually the one “pontificating” about passion, plans, or purpose, but

I gotta get mine!

Succeeding in business certainly requires focus, determination, persistence and hard work. Recruiting good partners is often critical as well, since last time I checked, “no man (or women) is an island”… Having a sincere “why” you want to do something,

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