Meet “Trumpkin”; the blood of Donald Trump, injected into an evil pumpkin… At least thats how I explained my Halloween creation to friends and family.  Particularly my two nephews both under the age of ten, staring at the bizarre attempt to educate them on politics.  As the election approached it was all I could do […]Continue Reading
I actually discovered the great game of golf after years of dribbling away my free time playing basketball. As a kid born in Upstate NY I loved the Knicks and later the Celtics led by the legendary Larry Bird.  There was nothing like the wars on the hardwood waged between the Lakers, the Bulls or […]Continue Reading
So Obamacare is officially the “law of the land”, and regardless of what you think or what type of “kool-aid” you may drink, health care in America is in deep trouble.  In fact, its been spinning out of control for decades, well before the “Affordable Care Act” was passed so we could “See whats in […]Continue Reading
I’ve never been a big fan of birthdays, even if it’s celebrating the day our country was “born”. National holidays are great times to reconnect with friends and family, relax and restore some perspective. But to blindly cheer on a country in complete collapse, ignoring the the signs of decay is nothing more than denial. Now […]Continue Reading
 I’m the only one in my immediate family that has earned the so called “holy grail” of education; a college degree. From what I recall during my public school years, the mantra was to get good grades, get into a good University, graduate (with those good grades again), and land that big job! Guidance counselors […]Continue Reading
As any loving parent will attest, nothing really comes close to the birth of a child. More memorable than that first date, the engagement, the wedding or the honeymoon. To create a new life from a partnership born in love, is perhaps the greatest achievement one can experience. Writers, artists, entrepreneurs and inventors alike, will often […]Continue Reading
A very good friend and business associate sent me an email recently during a bad experience where I began to question something as important as anything in ones life….Purpose. I’m usually the one “pontificating” about passion, plans, or purpose, but this time he put me in my place. He has had some “sea trials” himself […]Continue Reading
Succeeding in business certainly requires focus, determination, persistence and hard work. Recruiting good partners is often critical as well, since last time I checked, “no man (or women) is an island”… Having a sincere “why” you want to do something, with goals and dreams to fuel your business, is prerequisite for surviving the process.  A […]Continue Reading