Keep it in neutral

I am not a professional psychologist or counselor, but it sure seemed like I played one with most of the women in my life (lol).  Perhaps it was my background in the “self-help” industry or constant yet questionable attempt at “personal development”…

Children of the corn

If you’re even moderately interested in your health, and believe that “you are what you eat”, you might want to watch out for the “Children of the Corn”… A seemingly harmless “ingredient”, corn is now in almost everything.  I became

Private label – Public lie

As a marketing professional and avid shopper, I cant be the only one who has “Discovered” the lie hidden by the label. It caused some shock I must admit, coming from medical and aesthetic device sales where our manufacturer made the products.  My competitors had

Fried and crucified

I’ve always been fascinated with food.  What to eat, what not to eat, how to cook meat, and if I should delete something from my diet.  As a health and wellness enthusiast, I truly believe the quote made by the “Father of

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