A Declaration of our Dependence

I’ve never been a big fan of birthdays, even if it’s celebrating the day our country was “born”. National holidays are great times to reconnect with friends and family, relax and restore some perspective. But to blindly cheer on a country

Free…or not to be

I’ve been warned by many a mentor, business partner, and friend to refrain from opining politics in public. Particularly on a social media forum if the site is not specific as to its content.  As contemptuous as the conversations tend

Liberalism on the “Spin” cycle

There sits a small business in a small town near me in Upstate NY.  It’s a free-standing laundromat, family owned and the epitome of the American dream.  I discovered this convenient, clean, supervised and modern facility several years ago when I was on

From Pottersville to Obama-ville

America was founded on traditional values, from family to God, work ethic to the celebration of holidays. Although the liberal progressives have done their best to inject political correctness and multiculturalism into every aspect of our lives, somehow Christmas has

The Peter Principle President

As I attempt to reinvent my career and reflect back on those years in the corporate health care sales industry, the cast of characters boggles my mind. If there was one common denominator it was the incompetence on parade, from

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