BIG government small business

As President Obama prepares for yet another teleprompter tour, this time to spin how his big government policies are “working”, small business in America begs to differ, as they are not. On his weekly radio/internet propaganda address this Labor Day

Democrats and disposable income

From the moment politics captured my attention, and I began my “career” as a “social commentator”, there is one topic that continues to befuddle my Conservative brain. Now I understand that Liberalism is certainly a “mental disorder”, as evidenced by

Black Panthers and White Devils

For those of you lost in the world of our “recovery economy”, oil spills, and cheap thrills, I’ll bet most have already forgotten that day the earth stood still; Obama/Biden in 2008… Light a candle and pour your favorite adult

The Chopper in Chief

Anyone remotely familiar with the great game of golf has certainly heard of the derogatory terms applied to the “less skilled” player. You have the classic “Hacker”, the old school “Duffer”, and the more advanced “Sod Buster”. All labels you

Obama beers interrupted

After a week from hell, I attempted to lose myself in the world of virtual “hope and change” at my local Wi-Fi bar on a Friday afternoon. I hoped that the oil destroying the waters 30 miles south of my

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