To Create and to Care

As any loving parent will attest, nothing really comes close to the birth of a child. More memorable than that first date, the engagement, the wedding or the honeymoon. To create a new life from a partnership born in love, is

The way of the world

A very good friend and business associate sent me an email recently during a bad experience where I began to question something as important as anything in ones life….Purpose. I’m usually the one “pontificating” about passion, plans, or purpose, but

I gotta get mine!

Succeeding in business certainly requires focus, determination, persistence and hard work. Recruiting good partners is often critical as well, since last time I checked, “no man (or women) is an island”… Having a sincere “why” you want to do something,

Accepting the Rejecting

Any successful human being knows all too well that rejection is a significant part of life.  Sales is simply a numbers game, with more people saying “NO”, than deciding to buy.  Marketing professionals understand that most of the message will

Scars into Stars…

From Mom to marketing mentors, coaches and colleagues, they all say it’s OK to fail.  Just keep trying and do your best, “nothing ventured nothing gained, right?  Along the way you will certainly pay, in either price or pain, but

Business Biorhythms

Maybe it was the 6am operating room demonstrations I was forced to attend in the early days of my medical device sales career. No amount of coffee could remedy the situation.  It was clear I hated mornings… Perhaps it’s genetic

Finding my Father…

Louis Charles Muller; my long lost Father from a distant past.  A past cast in black and white with blurred images, distorted memories, a family dissolved only to be “discovered” once again. In this age of the “empowered consumer” with information retrieval at our fingertips,

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