Making $ or making a difference?

As most Americans trade “hours for dollars” at some type of “J.O.B.” (just over broke), those evil and greedy rich “fat cats” continue to be demonized.  From the “lame” stream media to those self-serving career politicians, passing the “buck” and blaming

Lottery mentality

During a quick stop to grab some coffee at a local convenience store, the 3 customers ahead of me seemed to be slowing down the line like the D.M.V.  I couldn’t really hear the women in flip-flops, wrinkled shirt and shorts

To be understood…

I’ve spent half my life pursuing the craft of communication.  Professional sales and marketing is really nothing more than that, telling your story.  From face to face appointments to the written word, “It’s the story that drives Wall Street”, and whatever other

Herding Cats…

I can’t think of many business propositions or even personal endeavors that can be successfully accomplished alone.  At some point in any project, you have to have a team.  The era of multi-tasking has produced a generation of generalists and very few “experts”.  That

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