Hi and thanks for visiting! I’m Chris Doster and sincerely hope you find something on my site that adds value to your life, makes you think, or maybe even makes you smile.

My Grandmother once wrote to me during a trying time in college that “Life is difficult at best“, and she was often proven to be correct. Although the lessons I’ve learned can’t be taught in any school, my journey has been really cool!

Born in Upstate NY I moved to the Mobile, AL to live with relatives at 17. When it was clear that professional basketball was not in my future, I blundered into the field of medical sales. The Gulf Coast of Alabama, the Florida Panhandle, and Mississippi became my training grounds, as I continued to “discover” what was best for my quest…

I made a lot mistakes along the way, and admit that I often went astray.  Yet if failure is the greatest teacher, I just might meet the requirements for a PhD.

After serving as a sales professional for 3 global health care products corporations, I ventured into the world of “Aesthetics” and “Anti-Aging”.  As I made my way further North, and eventually back to my birthplace, I created my own skin care brand that made it from “Conception to CVS”.  Although sales and marketing may be my trade, I consider myself a writer at heart.

My purpose is to uncover, expose, and discover things that just might provide some peace, prosperity, or passion as you continue down your own path…

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