Following the funny money

Is it not ironic how most of life’s problems, at least when it comes to business, politics, family issues, most of the big stuff in life, can be traced back to “following the money”…Just ask those 9.7% of Americans without jobs today…

Most divorces, according to state and federal statistics, are directly related to “finances”. Not cheating spouses, not losing touch with each other, not even who has the final say on which reality show to watch. It’s all about the money these days, just ask congress.

What with federal and state funds supporting a partisan and corrupt agency like Acorn (New York Daily News), it makes one wonder…is it just about the money these days? If you’re a pimp or prostitute in need of affordable housing or tax avoidance advice, just follow the money to your local Acorn office (YouTube video at Gateway Pundit).

As far back as 2008, (remember those pre-crisis years), Acorn was linked to then candidate Obama (National Review). Too bad our state media and blinded public didn’t take notice, instead of who the next “American Idol” would be.

At least we could have eliminated some of the buyers’ remorse many American voters are experiencing (Michelle Malkin) when it comes to the “change and hope” we voted for (or at least half of us did), as well as all that “transparency” we were promised by the teleprompter with ears (Freaking News).

So let’s follow the money when it comes to those “public servants”, those guys and gals that are supposed to be good stewards of our country. Those who were elected to serve the “common folk”, their constituents. Well guess what, liberal or conservative, far left “moonbat” or far right “wingnut”, follow the money. They can claim we need to “spread the wealth around, they can profess we are our “brother’s keeper”, but the “list” doesn’t lie…

What list? Well it’s “The list” of the wealthiest “lawmakers” in America (Roll Call), those in congress and the senate, what else. Gee, you thought they were fighting for us? It looks like they are in it for themselves. Yes, some came to the table with a big bankroll for sure. But where does that leave the average American, one that may want to be “all in”? Outside looking in it seems, that is if you want to get in the game. No $5 minimum here, high rollers only, and the longer they stay in office, the more they seem to have in the bank…

The richest lawmaker is Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.), a veteran senator and 2004 presidential nominee, who has a net worth of at least $167.8 million, thanks to his wife’s fortune. Some of the members well known for their wealth, such as Reps. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) and Jane Harman (D-Calif.), are also on the Rich List, with hundreds of millions of dollars in assets.

The list is a bipartisan one. Of the 50 lawmakers on the The Hill’s Rich List, 26 are Democrats and 24 are Republicans. For comparison, there are 256 Democrats in the House and 178 Republicans; in the Senate there are 59 Democrats and 40 Republicans.

So the next time your favorite far left wacko liberal starts barking about, “Rich fat cat Republicans”, just check out the list, and follow the money. It’s funny; it usually leads to someone that has ties with both sides of the aisle…no discrimination when it comes to the almighty dollar.

If you’re allowed, take a tour of John Kerry’s estate, John Edwards’s sprawling property (if he still owns it after the divorce), or the Kennedy compound. Take a ride on the global warming guru Al Gore airlines, or Nancy Pelosi’s fleet of private jets. Be careful all knowing, all seeing liberals, you’re casting stones at others, while you live in glass houses, really, really big houses….