Punch drunk “Boxer”

I take a lot of heat for my conservative views living in the liberal North East, New York to be specific. But if you want a glimpse of what this country would look like if we continue down this path of “spreading the wealth around”, and taxing everything that moves to pay for “reform”, check out the Empire state…

William P. Ruger and Jason Sorens from GeorgeMasonUniversityhave come out with a study called Freedom in the 50 States. In it, they calculate Fiscal, Regulatory, Economic, and Personal Freedom Rankings for each state. They then combine them into a single Overall Freedom Ranking. Guess where my “Blue” state ranks, compliments of a Democrat controlled government since the Mohicans roamed the land? Dead last…

Not far behind New York State is California, that paradise on the Pacific, where the sun always shines, and by God you pay for every ray if you live there. Land of the Hollywood elite, where reading lines and acting in front of a camera qualifies you as a political hack (wonder if they use a teleprompter?). Barbara Streisand, George Clooney, Sean Penn, gosh I just get a “thrill going up my leg” when I hear them pontificate politics (Huffington Post). Ah, The Golden state, where the men are men, and the women, well, are like Barbara Boxer

Boxer, Barbarastate senator extraordinaire (WikiPedia), was born in Brooklyn, New York, then on to California to make her name. Whatever you do, make sure you call her “Senator” and not “Ma’am”, even if you’re a “General” (YouTube video).

Now, I’m sure my liberal opponents in the other corner will counter punch with a weak jab, but can arrogance be more apparent? Set aside your ideology for a moment, and prove to me that she is competent to serve in any capacity, for any public office in any state. Not convinced yet, still have your blue shaded glasses on, sipping on liberal light kool-aid? Observe as Madame Boxer plays the race card against (YouTube) a business man, who happens to be black. Oh yea, he is Chairman and CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce, and opposes the far left, job killing, scam “Cap and Trade” (Tax) bill.

Where were the race police hiding for this gaffe–Al, Jessie, NY congressman Rangel, anyone? Good lord, is this the best we can do in government today? Double standards, hypocrisy ignored by the state media, as Obama has a “beer summit” to teach us all about “racial profiling” (Christian Science Monitor). Why was she not tarred and feathered, why was Barbara Boxer not lynched like the white cop doing his job, confronted by a belligerent black professor Gates? She’s a female Democrat in the ring fighting for the cause…the left wing agenda… that’s why.

Most recently, as congress takes it recess, many Americans sincerely concerned about MORE government intervention, are beginning to wake up. The “silent majority” has had it, you know, those of us that work for a living, or at least try to, while millions wait for a check in the mail. That majority that wants to keep more of what they earn, drive the car of their choice, bear arms, eat, drink, be merry, remember, that “pursuit of happiness” thing? Pastor James David Manning, PhD went 15 rounds with this “new world order” (or should I say “old world order”, as socialism has failed for centuries). Grab your favorite beverage and sit back, his rant covers a lot of ground, from Obama to his adoring fans in the media. The GTL™ (Gun Toting Liberal) may find the source interesting as well, the Louisiana Gun website.

Predictably, “Senator” Boxer has a conspiratorial view, coming from her corner in the left. The “mobs” disrupting these health care town hall meetings are simply “a diversion hurting the President’s agenda”. Directed by the Republican Party, this uprising by “well attired types” is trying to “break Obama” and make health reform his “Waterloo” (YouTube). Hmm, what about “Code Pink”, Acorn, P.E.T.A. or the “Black Panthers” intimidating voters with billy clubs in hand (Fox News)?

Mrs. Boxer, I refuse to call you a Senator, and if I lived in California, I would feel dirty knowing you represent me. Psychologists could have a field day with “her type” (WorldNetDaily©). She is certainly “Punch Drunk” and has distorted views on the world.

As Michael Savage wrote in, “Liberalism is a mental disorder” (WikiPedia), it fits no politician better than “The Boxer”. But as “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely’, I believe she is not only punch drunk, but drunk with POWER, and those “types” are the most dangerous.