Superman and Chinese Kryptonite

Donald J. Trump; aka POTUS 45. Not a bird or a plane, but faster at passing legislation than a speeding bullet. Trump is the James Brown of public servants, the hardest working politician in history. He’s simply a Presidential superman!

He came from another planet, a place far far away from the swamp of corrupt career politicians that inhabit the American capital. As a successful businessman, his world promotes the free market, creating jobs and prosperity. From the famous Trump Tower in N.Y.C., to his resorts and golf courses across the globe, the Donald is a real estate superstar!

Fake news attacks about Russia, the Ukraine, or attempts to impeach him bounce off his chest like a liberal snowflakes nerf gun. This populist POTUS 45 came here to protect every metropolis, large or small, rather than bow down to lobbyists, corporations or the globalists. He loves this country, believes in truth, justice, and the American way of life!

Here are just a few of the Trump accomplishments, all while fighting off non-stop misinformation, from not only the media, but some on his own side…

  • Almost 4 million jobs created
  • More than 400,000 manufacturing jobs
  • New unemployment claims hit a 49-year low
  • Hispanic-American unemployment at the lowest rate ever recorded
  • Asian-American unemployment recently achieved the lowest rate ever recorded
  • 3.9 million Americans have been lifted off food stamps
  • The biggest package of tax cuts and reforms in history
  • Record number of regulations eliminated
  • The lowest top marginal tax rate in more than 80 years
  • Historic peace deals with The United Arab Emirates and Israel

These are facts, not journalistic opinions and can’t be debated. These feats of strength all occurred while the deep state politicians and invisible enemies tried to defeat him. Yet every superhero has a weakness, and out of the blue a “novel” Covid virus from China appeared.

At first it seemed to be something natural, from a bat eaten at a “wet market” in a city called Wuhan. But as some on the other side dismissed the risk, Trump sprung into action. Flights from the evil empire where the virus originated were blocked. Evidence began to mount that this contagious virus was actually created in a lab.

Panic began to mount throughout the land and a shut-down was mandated. Originally designed as a short-term measure to “flatten the curve“, the media in conjunction with the “progressives” continued to spread the fear. The once great economy was shuttered by orders to “shelter in place” and “stay home stay safe“. Citizens were forced to file for unemployment benefits as many businesses were closed. It seems his detractors “never let a crisis go to waste“…

For months our Super President tried everything in his power to save America. He created the Cares Act to provide relief for working families as well as businesses trying to survive. Cutting through the stifling red tape of the FDA, Operation Warp Speed was implemented to bring vaccines to the people. Many states were exposed as unprepared to deal with a pandemic, as some leftist Governors took advantage of the horrible situation.

Superhuman efforts by POTUS continued through the Summer of the “plandemic”, as many thought the coincidence too great. After all the attempts to drive him away, this resilient populist superhero now had to find another way to save the day. With an election on the horizon, and all odds against him, his plans began to work. The market soared, manufacturing boomed, and even the Chinese virus subsided. The Trump “bump” was launched once again!

Yet those with bad intentions for the American patriots, had a nefarious plan. Masks must be worn in public, although proven to be useless against a microscopic virus, you must comply! The media pounded the drumbeat about “cases” and hospitals being overrun relentlessly. The “cancel culture” came next as the Wuhan flu was just too dangerous! Too dangerous to attend school, sports, church, or visiting your Grandparents in a nursing home. Unless of course you’ve been diagnosed with Covid-19, as mandated by some corrupt Governors…

The Deep State had set the stage, as mail-in ballets were promoted by the evil left, due to the deadly Chinese virus of course. You could safely shop at Walmart or Lowes, but voting in person was just “selfish”. Millions of ballets were sent out, often more than one per household. Illegal aliens and even the deceased were allowed to vote. Pallets of ballets flooded the polling places, some arriving by truckload in the wee hours of the morning.

Just when it seemed the American superman would earn a second term, the voting not only suddenly stopped in battleground states late on election eve, but the numbers flipped overnight. Pollsters counted away, often hidden from view from those certified to monitor the process. Even Trumps x-ray vision was useless against suspect boxes and bags of ballets stacked to the ceiling. The fix was in and even Superman couldn’t stop the massive avalanche of virtual votes.

Millions cheered on this American hero as he fought foes from all sides, trying to “Make America Great Again“. He achieved more than many believed he could, as little support was offered and blame for the spread of the virus was laid at his feet. His Kryptonite came from communist China, either by design or accident. As indestructible as he was, this insidious agenda seemed to be more than even his super powers could overcome.

What remains to be seen is will the republic survive this most recent attack on our freedoms? Can our Presidential superman and his league of justice warriors prevail, or will democracy in the country fail? Stay tuned for what could be the greatest comeback in the history of American experiment. I pray for our country and POTUS 45!