Mushrooms in the morning?

I don’t know about you, but I am not a morning person. Never have been and it appears never will be. Even as a kid I was a “night owl” and dreaded those early bus stops and home rooms where the sun was still breaking the horizon as my mind tried to jump start itself.

Yet in college I was introduced to the most widely used “drug” in the world. No not what you may be thinking, this ones legal; Coffee! My “Gate-way” version of caffeine was of the instant variety, hard-core I know. Now I had something to look forward to upon rising…my coffee fix.

Of course, I later moved on to coffee makers and even whole beans that I would grind via an array of devices resembling something out of the food network. From Starbucks to Dunkin Donuts, no drive through was safe when I was in town…

I tried all the combinations, with sugar or cream, exotic additives, or just plain black. Yet in 2005 I “Discovered” something really unique; “healthy” coffee…?

Yea I know, traditional medicine says coffee is bad for you, how can it be “healthy”. Well, as I’ve discovered, coffee beans have as many “antioxidants” as does other so-called “healthy” drinks, like red wine or green tea. Too much of anything may not be good for you, but whole coffee beans stack up against many other “natural” products.

So back to my “healthy coffee” discovery. During my never ending quest for business opportunities I stumbled across an ad that read, “Do you drink coffee? How would you like to make money from Healthy Coffee”. Upon further investigation, it was a “Network Marketing” company from California, “Gano Exel”. I connected with a top rep and was flown out to meet the owners. Needless to say, I became a distributor as did my friend and business partner “JBFree”. He is still a customer of this unique coffee concoction as was I until I began chasing another dream.

What supposedly makes this brand of coffee so “Healthy”, is a red mushroom extract, “Reishi”, of the species “Ganoderma lucidum“. With a history going back thousands of years to the Kings of ancient far Eastern Asian dynasties, this mushroom is claimed to have incredible health benefits.

Don’t believe me, check out this new/old version of my beloved coffee for yourself.  There are several companies now offering “Healthy Coffee“,  including one I found that doesn’t require you to “become a distributor“…

I stopped buying and drinking “Gano” after a year but my buddy “JBFree” swears by the product, and says he hasn’t been sick since sipping on this strange brew. It must be for real as I can always tell if he’s “On Gano” or not based on his demeanor. He’s never been a coffee drinker until he “Discovered” this “Healthy coffee”, and believe you me, he’s not a morning person either. Especially if you have to work with him when he hasn’t had his “morning mushroom”….