Free…or not to be

I’ve been warned by many a mentor, business partner, and friend to refrain from opining politics in public. Particularly on a social media forum if the site is not specific as to its content.  As contemptuous as the conversations tend to be when contemplating all things political, “The time is near“…

So please excuse this foray into the fog and folly those of us that vote have created. As well as the crisis the elected “public servants” have propagated.

Yes, I was once a “conservative” political columnist, and I am proud to admit my belief that America was founded on “Free” enterprise and limited government. I am also respectful of the fact that my Fathers Grandparents immigrated to this country to escape tyranny and for the pursuit of freedom.

My Mothers side of the family has a heritage in farming, the lumber industry, and teaching (prior to “no child left behind” and other federal mandates that have destroyed the public school system).

We all called New York, the “Empire State”, our home, (upstate that is) where I was born, and where my parents and Grandparents lived and died. As is the case with much of this country, NY is not so much a “state of mind” anymore, but in a “state of decline“…

Having lived in the Deep South much of my adult life, I’ve been exposed to a variety of cultures and perspectives on life.  We might cheer for different teams, and come from almost alien planets it often seems, but I always thought the common denominator was that we all desired to be free?

As American culture decays, and the borders my ancestors crossed with reverence and regard for the legal process are ignored, “The time is near” I fear.

If indeed we are to be a free nation, then Americans must accept that elections have consequences.  The people will soon determine if we are to be slaves to our government, or the masters of our individual dreams.

I pray for the patriots to arise, and those poor misinformed souls to trust that God will listen to their cries, as “the time is near” is appears…