Fried and crucified

I’ve always been fascinated with food.  What to eat, what not to eat, how to cook meat, and if I should delete something from my diet.  As a health and wellness enthusiast, I truly believe the quote made by the “Father of modern medicine“, Hippocrates, 2500 years ago;

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food

Several years ago I “Discovered” an intriguing book titled, “Good Calories Bad Calories“, by Gary Taubes. Highly recommended for anyone concerned about their weight and nutrition. As an “Entrepreneur”, I have a distrust for “national” organizations like the A.M.A., U.S.D.A., F.D.A., or anything ending in an “A” that’s controlled by lobbyists or big government. So any credible information that disputes what has been “imprinted” on our brains through the media and commercial sound-bites, has my attention…

It may have been the cover of the book that caught my eye; a slice of bread with a melting slab of evil butter…Yum! Yet as I completed the entire 500 page plus highly researched and well documented work, (that actually reads like a novel), my conviction for questioning the status quo was enhanced…

We’ve all heard the “recommendations” from the so-called “experts”, to reduce fat intake, eat your “5 food groups”, and the evils of red meat. Let’s not forget the “Salt Scam”, misrepresented by modern medicine but disputed by recent studies and promoted by one of my “health hero’s”, Dr. Mercola….

As nutritional misinformation is crammed down our throats like the never ending regulations stifling our liberty and economy, yet another “myth” is being dispelled. It seems that the Southern delicacy so adored by millions yet demonized by the “food police” now has a new life…Fried Chicken!

That’s right “sheeple”, as we blindly follow our illustrious institutional “leaders” telling us how to live, how to vote, and what to eat. New research is indicating, (much like Mr. Taubes book), that “fried foods“, do NOT contribute to heart disease….

Thank GOD we are blessed to live in the day and age of the “empowered consumer”, as the powers that be can be debated and disputed. Perhaps with more Americans becoming educated and informed, we can not only live happier and healthier lives, but we will stop “crucifying the Colonel”; Kentucky FRIED that is….