Sticks, stone, broken bones; and the “N” word

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t handle criticism well, especially when it’s unwarranted. If you want to get my Conservative defenses up, call me one of the many stereotypical names Liberals throw at anyone that disagrees with them. You know, like “racist” just because I oppose the Obama agenda. My favorite though is when I am labeled a “fascist” because I believe in capitalism and the free market. Still not sure how the Republican party can be classified as “fascist”, when it’s the Democrats that want us all marching in lock step with the “Regime” and their nanny state policies, but that’s a topic for another day.

Certainly anyone capable of reading this column can remember the childhood proverb intended to offset the inevitable human condition called, “growing up”…

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me”.

If we allow the N.E.A. to continue their public school agenda designed to completely eliminate competition and individuality, future generations will never be exposed to such a “mean spirited” phrase. Americans are becoming soft and weak. We don’t need more “sensitivity” training, we need tough love…

You see, that’s why I have always loved radio talk show host “Dr. Laura”. For over 15 years the Brooklyn born Laura Schlessinger has been talking calls and giving strong advice to millions of “Whiners” across America. Author as well as conservative commentator, her book, “Stop Whining and Start Living” says it all.

As you may have heard, if you’re not hypnotized by the reality show train wreck “Jersey Shore”, or any of the other mind numbing trash the media is passing off as entertainment, Dr. Laura recently said a “bad word”.

On August 10, 2010, a whiney black female called to complain about her white husband “ignoring” comments made by friends and family that she interpreted as “racial”. When pressed for specifics, she initially offered nothing but the typical weak and hypersensitive reaction to anything resembling a reference to skin color or culture. Come on honey, you’re black and you married a white guy, what do you expect, a parade for your compassion and tolerance? Seems she would have had “thicker skin”, in order to marry out of her own race, rather than worrying about skin color with “friends”.

Dr. Laura ripped into her as to how our society has become intolerant of the actual differences and realities between the races, and that we all need to “take a chill pill”. Too many are “hypersensitive” and we have lost the ability to “joke around” we each other, for fear of being “politically incorrect”, said Dr. Laura. Almost on cue, the caller then asks “what about the “N” word”, and claims that was her real complaint? Funny how when liberals are threatened, they always scream racism, or in this case the dreaded “N” word…

Of course, anytime you want the white man (or woman) to bow down and give up the argument, just mention the “N” word, and you win. So as the caller continued to whine about how she is becoming resentful of her husband’s “tolerance” of the supposed racial comments that are “hurting my feelings”, Dr. Laura made two excellent analogies.

To date, 88% of blacks approve of Barack Hussein Obama and HIS policies, HIS economy, HIS administration. Why; because of his success thus far, the effect his “Regime” has had on the country, or is it because he is “half-black”? If you want an example of “racism”, it’s the blind endorsement of Obama by blacks, blind to his ideology, incompetence, inexperience, but not his skin color.

Secondly, Dr. Laura went where no “white women” is allowed to go, she actually said the “N” word, aloud and on the air. That’s it, shut her down Liberals, she is evil and deserves to die, or so it seems in the media now. After the caller asked, “How about the “N” word, that’s thrown around”, the great Doctor retorts with the obvious, “What about Black guys, they say “N….” all the time, watch H.B.O. or listen to a black comic and that’s all you hear”….unquote.

Amen Dr. Laura, or should we say “Obamen” in honor of the “Post racial President”, who was supposed to “bring us all together”, when in fact, race relations are worse than before his “anointment” The caller exposed herself as the real “racist” with an agenda, when she claimed that “White people are afraid because a black man is taking over the nation”. So much for the content of one’s character, with many it’s still the color of your skin, and who is allowed say the “N” word.

Dr. Laura has since announced her retirement from radio, when in fact it should have been the whiney black women retiring from ever calling a radio show again, what a joke. With a chip on her shoulder and a fight to pick, many in this country are like this caller with “Too much sensitivity and not enough sense of humor”…

“I want to be able to say what’s on my mind and in my heart and what I think is helpful and useful without somebody getting angry or some special-interest group deciding this is a time to silence a voice of dissent.” –Dr. Laura

It’s been said that everything we need to know we learn in kindergarten. Well apparently many of us realize that “sticks and stones will break our bones”, but “N” words can only hurt if you’re “white”….