The baby-boomers have spoken – Skin is in!

chris doster

imagesCAC8OCZ1If you were born between 1946 and 1964 you’re classified as a “Baby Boomer”.  80 million plus fall into this category, and they (we, as I’m one) create and drive more cultural trends than even our bloated, intrusive federal government…

From baby food to toys, sports cars to real estate, the “Boomers” are like a basketball in a garden hose, pushing their demands upon society.  Follow them and you’ll “Discover” whats hot and whats not.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to observe how invasive the marketing of “anti-aging” products has become the last decade or so.  In fact, based on my years in the “aesthetic” industry, its become an obsession.  Like reality shows or “smart phones”, the Baby Boomers love them some “Skin care”…

One product I’ve reviewed and have seen a family member experience excellent results is a brand called “Bio Oil“.  I actually met some of the marketing reps at a Dermatology trade show in NYC recently, and secured some sample product.  Its readily available in most chain drug stores and like most all topical “cosmetics” can be purchased “over the counter”.

Of course, having done a little field research of my own with plastic surgeons and dermatologists, I prefer the product I branded back in 2005.  But variety is the spice of life, and the options today for skin care is overwhelming at times.

Whatever you choose for your skin, my belief is the more “natural” the better.  Perhaps the simplest strategy I’ve heard is, “If you cant eat it don’t put it on your skin“…

The “Baby Boomers” may have spoken, but the “marketers” are screaming, “Buy ME!”

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