At the end of the day, you just gotta get paid!

Good business ideas are a dime a dozen, and boy do I have a lot of loose change lying around. From blogs to books to miracle creams, this one will certainly allow me to achieve my dreams, I think…

During my morning walk, I usually “discover” some new twist that will propel my business to the next level.  The ideas may be valid, the content compelling, but at the end of the day, you gotta get paid…

Now I don’t want to contradict myself, as “making a difference” while you still walk and stalk the planet (or internet), is the most noble of ventures. But having the time and energy to produce good work requires resources.  Most “Day Jobs” don’t encourage writing the next best selling novel while on the clock. The paycheck at weeks end drives most Americans to great lengths, regardless of how much time they trade for the money.

I have a good friend who has claimed for years that he will, “crack the code and start making money on the web”.  He’s always been gainfully employed by someone, and has a full life of family “chores” that fill his schedule. To date, I don’t think he has earned a dime online, as hard as he may have tried.

It’s fairly typical, for the majority of hard working “pipe dreamers”. They get excited about the latest and greatest “business opportunity”, then go dark. It can be a predetermined “direct sales” company promoting how to “make money in your underwear from home”, or something self generated. Regardless, like clock work the cycle is predictable…

  • The “hair on fire” phase with total commitment/passion
  • The convincing phase – convincing others/self
  • The “crab” phase where negativity replaces passion
  • The justification phase where results don’t matter
  • The rationalization phase where its OK to quit
  • The distraction phase when its summer time!
  • The “here we go again” phase when the cycle repeats

I’m as guilty as most when it comes to losing motivation and have had many a “wet blanket” thrown on my burning hair. The solution is quite simple for the majority of fledgling entrepreneurs, as the knocks of opportunity tick down; Money!

I don’t care from where it comes, or the exact amount of the income. Money in the bank equals motivation for the effort. It may not bring you happiness, but it sure chases the hell out of misery. For at the end of the day, you just gotta find a way to get paid…