From Pottersville to Obama-ville

America was founded on traditional values, from family to God, work ethic to the celebration of holidays. Although the liberal progressives have done their best to inject political correctness and multiculturalism into every aspect of our lives, somehow Christmas has survived. It may have become far too commercialized and materialistic, but each year at this time most of the country wishes each other a “Merry Christmas”. Just be careful not to insult anyone with such a monotheistic greeting, and be prepared to offer “Happy Holidays” as well…

One of my personal Christmas traditions is to watch the 1946 Frank Capra film classic, “It’s a Wonderful Life”, starring the late Jimmy Stewart. Each Christmas Eve since my early 20’s, I have fallen asleep to this tale of redemption, gratitude, and the impact we all have on the lives of others. The moral of this story is timeless, and is as relevant today as it was before so many thought government was the salvation to all that ails us.

Set in hometown USA, the fictitious “Bedford Falls”, was the home of “George Bailey” and family. His Father ran a small “building and loan” company, Mother stayed at home, and his younger brother a war hero. Friends and neighbors made up the cast, all hard working patriotic Americans looking out for each other and their families. George desired to see the world, and “shake the dust off this little town”, yet his Father wanted him to take over his business when he retired. As fate would have it, his Father dies suddenly, and George is forced to run the company. Frustrated and angry, he never gets to go to college, travel to distant lands, or become the man he thought he would be.

As with any human struggle, there is a bad guy; the evil Henry F. Potter, played by the legendary actor Lionel Barrymore. Potter owns most of the town, and views its citizens as serf-like “lazy garlic eaters”. Set against the pre and post-depression era, Potter buys up the banks during a “run”, and treats his tenants who live in his rental shacks like cattle. He makes all kinds of promises to his “people”, but cares only about accumulating power. Remind you of anything…?

The real battle between good and evil is initiated on Christmas Eve when an $8000 deposit is misplaced by his uncle and co-worker. Potter actually ends up with the money, but tortures the “miserable little clerk” when he begs for a loan to cover the loss. Poor George is worth more dead than alive, says the evil Mr. Potter, and thus the plot thickens.

The movie actually begins in heaven, where angels meet to discuss the dilemma unfolding on Earth. Angel “Second Class” Clarence is called to assist George and show him that he indeed, has a “Wonderful Life”, in order to earn his wings…

“Clarence, a man down on Earth needs our help.” “Splendid, is he sick?” “No worse, he’s discouraged”

Clarence grants George Bailey a wish, that he had never been born.BedfordFallsis then shown to him as it would have been without his influence. It had become “Pottersville”, complete with the social decay that results from the rule of the monarchy controlled by “King Potter”. Gone were the thriving small businesses and bustling economy, replaced by saloons and dancing halls.

I’m not sure if the script was inspired by the real life shanty towns that sprung up during the great depression, often referred to as “Hoovervilles”, for then-President HerbertHoover. Yet life in “Pottersville” bears a striking resemblance to whatAmerica has become, complete with our own “Obamaville” events surfacing across the land.

Think back if you can, two Christmas seasons ago, after the anointment of King Obama, and how his servants reacted to his crowning. Anyone recall the revealing comments by an Obama supporter in Florida, who pulled her two young children from school to witness his inauguration. She proclaimed it was the most “memorable time in her life” and a “touching moment”. This delusional woman proclaimed that she would never have to worry about paying for gas or her mortgage again, thanks to Obama…

More recently this last August in the largest city in the South, Atlanta, Ga., thousands waited in line to apply for public housing assistance “vouchers”. It was estimated that over 30,000 mostly African Americans spent hours in sweltering heat, just for the “Hope” that they could get some free “Change” to pay the rent.

As well, this time in freezing temperatures, desperate citizens in Marietta, Ga.showed up in droves seeking more “relief” from a non-profit organization offering heating assistance funds. It appears that the promise of “Transforming America” was not just a campaign speech. Yet instead of “spreading the wealth around”, the current regime is spreading the misery down…

It has been said that we get the government we deserve, and from just the few clips provided in this post-Christmas column, some folks aren’t even getting that. We have become an apathetic, politically misinformed populous. Unless that is, we all want to live in “Pottersville”, or as the great Rush Limbaugh termed it, “Obamaville” (WorldNetDaily).

Perhaps it’s time for us all to remind each other that we do matter, we can make a difference, in our own life and the lives of many others. As George Bailey discovered when he saw his world without the influence of one man; “YES WE CAN”…?