A Rush to judgement

Rush Limbaugh is an inspiration to millions, an American icon, and one of my heroes. His commentary on politics, current affairs, and American culture is beyond entertainment, it is educational. Something lacking in our government run public school system. Don’t take my word for it, interview some high school students and ask them about American history, “social studies”, or our founding Fathers. Read their textbooks and observe the revisionist history spewed out by the teachers unions and publishers.

Watch the major news networks, ABC,CBSNBCCNN, and MSNBC. The only thing you will learn from the “state run media” is that America is to blame for all that is evil, Obama is the savior, and many broadcasters get a “thrill running up their leg” every time the anointed one reads from his teleprompter. Rush speaks the truth, backed by facts and historical documentation and many don’t deal with that very well…

Case in point was Dec. 30, 2009, when Mr. Limbaugh was rushed to the hospital while on vacation in Hawaii. As soon as I heard the news I raced to my laptop and began searching. The news networks were busy with end of the decade top stories and preparing for the celebration to come the following night. 2009 was coming to a close and for many hard working Americans unwilling to exchange freedom for government supplied “security” it couldn’t end soon enough. Even Fox News provided sketchy reports so vague it reminded me of Harry Reid trying to explain “cap and trade” or the latest version of his “health reform” bill…

As I scanned the Internet desperate for updates, I was already feeling sick to my stomach, considering that one of my mentors might be gone. The man that inspired me to educate myself about my country, politics and history was in trouble. He taught me to become a critical thinker, an entrepreneur, and made me laugh along the way. While the stories filled my screen, and the comments poured in, my eyes filled with tears. I may have lost a friend, a teacher, and a comforting voice in this tumultuous time of “change”, but I have certainly lost my country. My God, even WikiPedia got it wrong, and reported “Rush Limbaugh Dead” (Washington Examiner).

Rush Limbaugh is an American success story, and has touched many lives, including my own. He is imperfect, as are we all. From politicians to celebrities, no one is immune to poor decisions and behavior. Show me a human being and you will find fault, you will find fragilities and differences. Sincerity is perhaps mans greatest attribute, and I know Rush to be sincere in his beliefs. His ideology is right in your face, up front and loud. Unlike so many in today’s popular culture where what you see, is not necessarily what you get. He has no hidden agenda and sincerely hasAmerica’s best interest at heart, and thank God his is still beating.

I considered not publishing the actual comments listed below, out of my sincere respect for Rush. Yet as Rush often declares, “Words mean things” and these ladies and gentlemen speak volumes about the left…

It’s just a case of too much gas. God’s will be done…Sooner rather than later, I hope.

Maybe like the Grinch, his heart will grow two sizes and he will find some compassion. It was a little surprising to find out that he actually had a heart.

He wish ill on other people …..he is getting his just dessert!

It’s too bad they don’t deny coverage for drug addiction but rather encourage it.

Totally agree. I hope the mutha***** dies but I hope he suffers first. A quick death is too good for this fat little boy, drug addict scumbag. Die you bastard, die. -lousgirl84 

Dear Rush Limbaugh: Please Drop Dead. Love, -Carly Carioli

God, I don’t ask you for much, and I very rarely ask you to smite anyone. Please kill Rush Limbaugh tonight.

At least there is evidence of a heart. I hope if he croaks it’s a slow painful departure.

I hope he lives a long life. I also hope he has a stroke and can’t speak, or wipe his ass, or walk, and spends that long life in a nursing home being cared for by overworked, minimum-wage caregivers.

Good! I hope this hypocrite feels as bad as those he targets. -KentuckyGayMan says

Too bad he didn’t die and take that awful attention whore Ann Coulter with him. -JeffreyGaga

I apologize if I offended anyone, but the truth is sometimes difficult to behold, and often harder to find. I believe what has been exposed in this one unfortunate incident, is that we are at war. Not just with those of a radical fringe religion, wishing that all “infidels” die, but within our own country, from those that consider an opposite ideology worthy of death as well…