The Chopper in Chief

Anyone remotely familiar with the great game of golf has certainly heard of the derogatory terms applied to the “less skilled” player. You have the classic “Hacker”, the old school “Duffer”, and the more advanced “Sod Buster”. All labels you don’t really want if you consider yourself a “golfer”. Yet perhaps my favorite phrase for the talent challenged among us, came from a golf pro I used to work for in the Great White North.

Dave “Jacked-up” Cummings, longer than Daly; stronger than Tiger (and changes putters as often as I would change my swing) is Head Golf Professional for the Sagamore Resort in Bolton Landing, NY. Situated near the “Queen of American Lakes”, historic and beautiful Lake George, is where the “Last Mohican” (YouTube) died and “The Chopper” was born.

Now I’m not sure if Dave actually coined the term “Chopper”, but he sure knew how to use it. Seems we were all “Choppers” compared to him, as he routinely bombed 300 yard plus drives, often with a 3 iron. I could only compete when it came to that great equalizer, putting, as I “Chopped” it around the course. Try as I may, adopting this swing theory after that; I too, was a “Chopper”…

But it appears I am in good company, what with all the “Choppers” in Upstate NY, as well as in the White House. Our “Commander In Chief” it seems has quite the affinity for the game, as he “Chops” away on the links as often as any President in history…

“Obama has played at least seven times since the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig exploded on April 20, according to a compilation of media reports. He has reportedly played golf a total of 39 times since his inauguration” – The Hill’s Alexander Bolton – 06/25/10

Many Presidents have played the game regularly while in office, going back as far as Eisenhower. He was roundly criticized by the Democrats for “being asleep at the wheel and spending too much time on the golf course” according to historian John Sayle Watterson, author of “The Games Presidents play: Sports and the Presidency”. Another Republican President, Gerald Ford, was demonized for taking a golf vacation when “inflation” was on the rise. Most recently of course, George W. Bush, the great destroyer according to the Obama “regime”, was bashed relentlessly for everything and anything, including his time on the links. Former President Kennedy, a Democrat, wisely hid his golf (and his mistresses) from the public, unlike Obama: The “Chopper” in Chief.

It’s actually quite an appropriate nickname, as he “chops” away at the economy, health care, the private sector, and liberty. With the American handicap rising, and public confidence falling, the “Chopper” in Chief continues to play away. He certainly can’t compete with Dave, but he sure has begun to “Chop” up this country.